Monster Vape – A Variety of Fruity Flavors to Choose From

Whether you are looking for a monster vape or a new way to enjoy your favourite flavor, there are a variety of different options available for you to choose from. From watermelon ice to custard, strawberry to pink lemonade, there are plenty of fruity flavors to satisfy any taste bud.


PB & Jam Monster Strawberry is a vape juice that combines the best of both worlds – peanut butter and strawberry jam. The company has mastered the art of combining the two to create a flavor that is both sweet and savory.

One of the best things about this e-liquid is that it is affordable. You can buy this juice in bottles of 100ml and save some money along the way. If you have a sweet tooth, you should definitely give it a try.

The e-liquid is also available in nicotine-free nic salt versions. This is especially true of the PB & Jam Monster, a scrumptious concoction of fresh ground peanut butter and ripe strawberry jam.

The e-liquid is also a good example of the quality of products offered by the company. The bottle is protected by a Chubby Gorilla bottle, a convenient and stylish design that is sure to enhance your vaping experience.


During the summertime, you will find plenty of blueberries in the market. These fruits are often used in icy drinks or baked into pies. But you can also enjoy them alone. The new Blueberry monster vape by Jam Monster gives you the opportunity to enjoy a delicious flavor of the berry.

The flavor of the Blueberry Monster vape is perfect for those who want a taste of the berry that is both sweet and tangy. Its mouthwatering combination of flavors will make your taste buds dance.

This vape juice is one of the best e-liquids available. It is a perfect breakfast flavor. Its taste is a blend of buttered toast, creamy butter, and blueberry jam. This mix gives you a smooth throat hit.

This e-liquid is made by Monster Vape Labs, a company based in Orlando, Florida. Its ingredients are premium. They include a 70 percent vegetable glycerin base and a 30 percent propylene glycol base.

Watermelon Ice

Designed to be the perfect sweet and sour combo, this vape juice has a unique and delicious taste. Its impressive blend of fresh squeezed lemonade and citrus fruit makes for an amazing vape experience. The ingredients are all natural, so you know that the flavor is all the more tasty.

In the spirit of innovation, Monster Vape Labs has come up with a new way to get your vape on. The manufacturer has released a line of Ice Monster e-liquids. Their new line of e-liquids includes the Ice Monster, the Ice Monster Lite, and the Ice Monster Lite Tobacco Free. These products are available in a 60mL bottle and come in three nicotine strengths. They also boast a cool looking chubby gorilla bottle.

The Ice Monster has some pretty high end stuff, including a 75VG/25VG ratio, cooling ice sensation, and an assortment of fresh fruits. The Ice Monster Lite is a menthol infused version of the Ice Monster, while the Ice Monster Lite Tobacco Free is a tobacco free version of the Ice Monster.

Pink lemonade

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Pink Lemonade by Monster Vape Labs is a sweet concoction that will give you a real good lemonade experience. It has an interesting color scheme with a perfect ratio of flavors. This e-juice is not for the faint of heart, but if you are in the market for a new flavor to add to your collection, this is the juice for you.

The best thing about this e-juice is that it’s available in a wide array of nicotine strengths, including 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg. In fact, you can get a sample bottle with the lowest nicotine level, which is ideal if you haven’t yet started to vape.


Featuring a creamy vanilla custard base and topped with a light and tart blackberry flavour, the Custard Monster vape juice will satisfy your after-dinner cravings. It has a 75/25 VG/PG ratio and produces large sweet clouds of vapor. It also offers a light throat hit and is available in three nicotine strengths.

The makers of Custard Monster have a passion for creating delicious and high-quality e-juice blends. Using only top-quality ingredients and strict standards, they strive to create an all-encompassing experience.

With a blend of 75% vegetable glycerin and 25% propylene glycol, Custard Monster E-Liquids have a bold sweetness that tastes like fruity desserts. They come in 100ml bottles and offer a variety of 0mg, 3mg, or 6mg nicotine strengths.

Custard Monster offers a number of signature flavors. The first is the Vanilla Custard, which features a creamy and authentic vanilla flavour. The second is the Strawberry, which has a fresh and light creamy taste. The third is the Blueberry, which provides a perfect balance between sweet and tart flavours.